Husband & Wife Financial Rules Tips
20 December 2021

Hai Sahabat JACCS MPM Finance Indonesia,

1. Husband & Wife's Salary = Family Needs


 Married couples who choose this type of finance will combine all husband and wife's income, then use it for family needs. This type will greatly strengthen economic conditions

family, various financial goals can be achieved. Be aware of the possibility of the emergence of a sense of injustice, it is important to allocate the funds properly to be used.


2. 100% Husband's Salary = Family Needs. | Wife's Salary 100% = For Herself


This financial rule means that the husband's income is fully owned by the family, while the wife's income is her own. The total amount of income of the husband is known by the wife and regulated by the wife.

Make sure the budget allocation is for the husband's needs for his pocket and other needs.


 3. Husband's Salary 80% = Family Needs & 20% = Personal Needs | Wife's Salary 100% = For Yourself


This rule sets aside part of the husband's salary to control his own needs while 80% of the husband's income is given to the wife to be used for family needs. Make sure

the salary allocation given to the wife is sufficient for the family's needs, otherwise the wife will be in debt.


 4. Husband's Salary 50% = For Needs 123 | Wife's Salary 50% = For Needs 456


The husband and wife share in meeting their needs, for example, the husband fulfills the food needs and house installments, while the wife fulfills the electricity and vacation needs.

 The income of husband and wife is not always known, with this rule it will be felt fair as long as the financial allocation is done properly.


5. Wife Accepts Done


This type is usually used if one partner does not work. This method usually causes the wife to ask her husband for money, or the husband will regularly give money to his wife.

The husband will feel comfortable and the wife will not be burdened with many thoughts. This type can still have risks in the future because it depends on the husband.

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